A La Maison

When Sayn Beauty first took over management of the A La Maison brand on Amazon in November 2019, there was no direction for the brand on the platform. The listings that were there were thrown together by sellers with very little knowledge of the brand and no commitment to the long term success of the brand. As such, there were listings without much information (and even false information at times), no keywords, no consistent pricing, and no consolidated place where someone who loves A La Maison can find all their products. There were also multiple listings for the same products which split sales and took away valuable opportunities for listings to gain momentum within the Amazon algorithm.

Since we took over, we have fixed up all the listings, with a specific focus on keywords and aesthetics. The way we see it, the key to increasing sales on Amazon is through increased visibility (Keywords/SEO), and then making sure those additional eyeballs convert (Aesthetics, making sure the customer understands the value of the product and that it looks as attractive online as it is in real life). We also built out a beautiful storefront and got Subscribe & Save options added so lovers of the A La Maison brand have an easy and seamless shopping experience on Amazon. The results speak for themselves. In November of 2019, the total sales on Amazon were between $15k and $20K a month, including holiday season spikes. As of October 2020, the sales for A La Maison are at $180K a month. What’s even more astounding is even after this incredible growth, we are still seeing 10/15% growth month over month.

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