our Mission

Sayn Beauty’s mission is to set a new distribution by excelling in personalized customer service and brand education.



With sophisticated e-commerce and salon distribution solutions. We create leading Amazon storefronts and exclusively promote brands and drive sales through our own Sayn Beauty website, distribution via our established network of salons and spas, as well as wholesaling for licensed stylists and aestheticians.

Revolutionizing online beauty, we not only create seamless on-brand shopping, we continuously refine your storefront and optimize marketing to match the intricacies of the world’s largest online marketplace. As your dedicated partner, we help you elegantly and efficiently capitalize on beauty’s massive demand.



Here at Sayn, we wholeheartedly believe that beauty and wellness starts from within. Sayn is dedicated to sharing the gift of mindfulness and meditation and founded the Sayn Brain Fund in 2019. Sayn allocates a percentage of every beauty product sold at our company to the Sayn Brain Fund to help communities in South Florida. We focus on subsidizing psychotherapy for children with complex backgrounds and sponsor a variety of activities that teach meditation.





Sayn’s extensive experience in e-commerce coupled with its intimate alignment with beauty brands allows us to accelerate growth for our partners. Sayn believes beauty goes beyond the products. Beauty is an experience. We focus on treating brands and their customers with attention to detail and utmost service.


Founder & CEO

• A 10-year leader in e-commerce, Shmuly set out to bridge the gap between beauty brands and their inconsistent messaging on e-comm.

• His mission remains to tell brand stories the right way on e-comm marketplaces, taking great pride in putting all possible resources into best representing beauty brands—the way they deserve.

• In his off time, he plays tennis and pursues a journey of meditation and self-improvement.



• Aimee earned her MD degree at the University of Sint Eustatius and completed her residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami School of Medicine, where she has held a faculty position as Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine since 2008. Being of Indian descent, Aimee has always had a passion for beauty. Aimee grew up making homemade beauty products like turmeric paste to lighten the skin, brightening masks made of egg yolk and honey, and hair masks made of coconut oil.

• Being a physician allowed Aimee the opportunity to attend continuing medical education in injectables. Aimee has qualifications in administering dermal fillers and neurotoxin injectables that serve to immediately remove the appearance of wrinkles. Aimee believes that the important thing we can do to protect and hydrate our skin is implementing skincare regimens that aid in achieving youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Aimee Gonzalez

Director of Business Development

• Aimee has been dedicated to making a difference in the beauty industry and being the salon professional expert for business & technical education.

• With 13 years in the beauty industry, she’s worked behind the chair, educated future professionals at Paul Mitchell the School Miami but has fallen in love with the powerful support of distribution and hasn’t looked back since.

• Representing brands like Davines, Reuzel, and Balmain Hair Couture has perfected her eye for luxury and prestige.

• On her off time, she’s probably listening to Taylor Swift and convincing her husband that adopting more cats is a good idea.

Camilla Pedrozo

Brand Manager

• A Master’s graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a degree in Luxury Fashion Management, Camilla has experience in Marketing, Graphic Design, and Brand Management, tailored to luxury fashion and beauty brands.

• Camilla manages all identity aspects of Sayn Beauty and oversees advertising and marketing initiatives to ensure that they’re in line with the brand’s identity and messaging.

• In her free time, Camilla enjoys volunteering at local non-profits and doing outdoor activities like hiking and boating with her dog and family!



• Capucine Libessart is a holistic skincare specialist that specializes in Natural & Clean Skincare. She started learning about skincare with her family. Her mother herself has always been in the holistic industry, so Capucine knew she wanted to be part of the skin care industry from an early age.

• As a holistic skin care therapist, Capucine feels that educating the clients on their skin is one of the most important aspects of her career. How can you know what to do, if you don’t understand what’s happening? Her saying is always “through simplicity comes great beauty” which says it all for natural skincare. She understands that by teaching her clients on how to take care of their skin, not only will their skin get better, but their self esteem as well as confidence will improve.

• Capucine believes that by providing her clients with the knowledge and tools to correct the situation, she can help each individual client reach their skin care goal.

Batya Meneses

Customer Satisfaction Manager

• Possessing a strong business background, Batya has managed major luxury timepiece companies, working with premium distributors and merchandising companies.

• She excels in customer service, communication, and creative problem-solving.

• Born and raised in the sunshine state, she loves spending time exploring the great outdoors with her family and their pack of dogs.

Aleza Ainsworth

Creative Director

• Grew up with an eye for fashion and the arts. Aleza, has been pushing the envelope in fashion photography and designing spaces before joining Sayn Beauty as creative director and leader of disruption.

Yossi Levin

General Manager of Amazon Sales

• Yossi Joined Sayn Beauty in 2017 as General Manager of Amazon sales.

• His professional background began in New York City, managing multiple Real Estate Development projects whilst working in the luxury goods industry and bringing brick and mortar to eCommerce platforms.

• Away from the office, Yossi can be found on the beach or practicing Pilates.

Manuel Gonzalez

Warehouse Operations Manager

• As an FIU Business School Graduate, Manuel has found success as a frontline leader in several fortune 500 companies.

• With a work ethic and character derived from his immigrant parents, he has compiled varying experiences in retail, customer service, inventory, and leadership.

• His inspiration comes from his wife and daughter, and says, “I’m a big believer in luck; I find the harder I work, the more of it I have.”

Kirstin Weintraub

Salon Territory Manager
(West Florida)

• Kirstin’s been in the beauty industry for over 13 years now, her love for the beauty industry started back when she was four years old. Her true passion is through helping others fall in love with products to make themselves feel even more beautiful than they already are.

• Her recent role was as an Account Executive for Too Faced Cosmetics (Estee Lauder), she spent almost 10 years building the brand from the ground up in North Florida. From education to events and brought the brand to life in-store for clients and associates. Elevating a brand’s awareness to the next level and building long-lasting relationships is her forte.

• In her downtime, Kirstin enjoys reading a good book, meditating, and exploring Florida’s beautiful beaches and state parks with her husband.

Laurel Allen Fisher

Salon Territory Manager
(North Carolina)

• With decades in the beauty industry, Laurel has a keen eye for assessing and developing salon systems, retail, services, and overall business growth. This is due to her past years of sales and education delivery with Estee Lauder brands.

• She has a strong, professional background in technical and business education for salon and stylist development behind the chair.

• Laurel is also an expert in coaching leaders and trainers by fine-tuning communication and presentation skills.

• She is from the mountains of North Carolina and enjoys seeking out fine food and wine experiences.

Elizabeth Luedemann

Salon Territory Manager
(South Florida)

• Elizabeth has spent her entire career working in the beauty industry. A product junkie at heart, Elizabeth has worked in outside sales representing prestigious hair brands since 2003.

• She’s most passionate about building relationships and creating strategic growth plans that get results, while cheering you on and celebrating the small wins. In addition to her sales career, Elizabeth is a community advocate; she created local programs for tween girls that focus on building healthy relationships.

• When not working, you can find Elizabeth with her family at the beach, exploring new parts of the world, or curled up with a good book.

Ezzy Wasserman

Executive Vice President

• Prior to joining Sayn Beauty, Ezzy managed the purchasing and sales for a distribution company helping to grow the sales from $10MM at its start to over $300MM.

• Ezzy brings his over 15 years of experience in e-commerce and distribution, along with experience building brands and helping position them for exponential growth.

• He enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and 4 kids, as well as long bike rides and a good cup of coffee.

German Orellana

Marketplace Sales Support & Inventory Specialist

• A top-performing Honors in International Business program graduate from Florida International University, German is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Business at the University of Florida.

• His interest in e-commerce started when he discovered the business world changing at a fast pace—wanting to be part of the change.

• He credits a strong passion for reading with his success and why he believes he will become a leader of tomorrow.

Anushka Anand


• A conceptual creative, Anushka heads marketing, focusing on launching 360-degree marketing campaigns across all touchpoints, with a Master’s in Luxury and Fashion Management from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) amalgamated with prior experience in graphic design and art direction.

• Anushka manages content creation (graphics, video, ad, gif) for all platforms while strategically integrating them across all touchpoints.

• In her free time, Anushka enjoys doing product photography and spending time with her partner exploring different cuisines!

Jonathan Pena

Receiving Coordinator

• A 13-year veteran of haircare distribution, Jonathan’s markets of expertise include beauty supplies and licensed beauty professionals/cosmetologists.

• With a deep background in customer service and support, his experience spans product knowledge in haircare and hair appliances—from professional salon brands to smaller niche brands—and developing relationships with all types of salon professionals.

• In his downtime, Jonathan enjoys goofing around with his wife and kids and cooking for them on the weekends.

Maik Shepard

Shipping Coordinator

• A jack of all trades, Maik has tremendous passion for the beauty brands with whom we partner.

• His diverse background in various distribution and shipping positions has led to detailed process understanding from many sides of the business and incredible versatility.

• At home, he finds cooking therapeutic and enjoys immersing himself in a dish.

Dovi Vogel

Director of Purchasing and Vendor Accounts

• Part of leadership teams that grew multiple online businesses from the ground up to $10MM+ a year in sales, Dovi has extensive experience in Purchasing, Sales, Business Development, Business Strategy, and E-commerce.

• He spent two years as the director of a startup incubation program for WeWork, providing programming and mentorship to early-stage companies.

• Served as Chief Commercial Officer of an electronics startup with a successful exit.

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